TARTESIA jewellery is created for those who seek a simple and sophisticated style, and appreciate long-lasting craftsmanship. We blend Spanish heritage with modern designs to create beautiful pieces. We are passionate about our jewellery being designed and made in Spain. 

The name TARTESIA is derived from the Bronze Age kingdom of Tartessos, a rich and splendid culture from southern Spain, admired for their early advancements in metallurgy to craft exquisite jewellery and treasures.

Inspired by tradition. Spain is renowned to be a land of enchanting tales, vibrant characters and beautiful settings, which provide a constant source of inspiration for the TARTESIA team. We draw on this rich legacy to create an authentic story around every collection.

Designed with passion. TARTESIA jewellery is designed with a Spanish soul and international appeal. We blend our inspiration and imagination to design unique pieces. We love to combine new trends, elegant shapes and distinctive textures to create simple and refined jewellery.  

Crafted with care. We collaborate with select artisan jewellers across Spain. Centuries of expert craftsmanship ensure that our jewellery is produced with the greatest attention to detail and the finest quality materials. These skilful artisans help us create beautiful jewellery for the sophisticated women of today.